4 Amazing Ideas to Truly Transform Your Bedroom

Bedroom is that one corner of your home where you look forward to relax. It should be comfortable and relaxing enough to help you take a break from your hectic schedule. Whether it is the interiors, shades, furniture or even the lights; everything should be perfectly arranged to render a calm and serene ambience. But how to come up with a warm and comfortable space, that is both indulgent and yet incredibly functional?

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Well, we’ve figured out your answers and come up with some of the best master bedroom ideas that’ll transform your bedroom from the room where you sleep to the most favorite corner of your home. Check out these guidelines for the perfectly personalized space that you always craved for.

Make your bedroom functional by adding a seating area

As we mentioned earlier, your bedroom shouldn’t merely be the space where you sleep. But it should be a space where you feel like spending your time. This is exactly why you should go for a specific seating area in your room. This area will hold a perfect function as it’ll satisfy you when you’re not really looking out to spend your entire day on bed.

If you’re into reading books, place a cozy armchair by your bed. Again, if you love spending most of your time watching TV, add a daybed to your room for stretching out.

Add a small storage space

Most of the times, people literally struggle with the minimal storage space in their rooms. One of the best ways to handle that issue is by incorporating a classy and elegant storage solution to your décor. Take your bedroom design ideas to the next level, by investing in a built-in closet. These closets can be customized according to your need. Again, if you have a tad bit of space crunch then open shelving and foot trunks too can work wonders.

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Invest in some good wall art

Elegant wall arts are extremely vital for any and every space, and your bedrooms too aren’t an exception. You can add a wall art to your seating and dressing space for some amount of visual interest. Try this on any other wall that looks pretty much blank. While browsing through these wall arts, try to go for art with more variety. Play with the different colors, frame styles and textures to come up with something incredibly unique and out of the box.

Try to experiment with the accent pieces

In most cases, you will observe that the bedrooms are more of neutral spaces. They are a particularly calming zone with neutral walls, bedding and even accents. But there’s absolutely no harm in experimenting with your accents. No. They don’t look out of place at all, and rather add a more balanced and composed design to your bedrooms. Don’t overlook the different kinds of prints and patterns. Make it a point to invest in things that reflect a part of you that reflects your personality. It is only then when you’ll come up with a room that is not only incredibly snuggly and comfortable, but also equally stylish and elegant.

Tips on Leveraging the Benefits of Wall Art in Interior Design

Art and sculpture can bring beauty and sophistication into our lives, improving the interior design and making the home livable. The sheer presence of wall art can encourage emotional and intellectual reflection. Without it, your interior space might be missing an important piece of the puzzle.

One of the most common mistakes in interior design is that art is treated as an after-thought, instead of being considered at the onset of the project. When chosen thoughtfully, the wall art for your interior space can bring more light and make the space much more appealing.

In addition to picking wall art that you really enjoy, it is important to choose the right pieces in order to complement the overall design. Use the following tips as a guideline to choose the perfect wall art pieces so that you get to enjoy a harmonious interior design.


Create a Story

Wall art is more than a perfectly positioned painting, sculpture or shadow box. Your artwork must blend in the overall interior space in order to create a unique story that would leave your guests and your family members with a memorable experience they won’t forget so easily. The purpose of wall art is to enhance your interior design, no to detract or minimize other pieces of design.

Choose the Right Color Palette

Probably the hardest thing in leveraging the power and benefits of wall art is to choose a palette color that best fits your vision for the interior space. While you could choose the wall art first and then repaint the space, we strongly advise you to do the opposite. Leave the paint as it as and go and search for wall hangings, paints, shadow boxes or sculptures that fit into the room’s color palette.

To make it simply for you, start by choosing the dominant color along with other two additional shades that appear in the interior design. Then, look for these particular shades of color in the wall art you want to purchase. If you need some help, you can always use an app such as ColorSnap in order to match the colors to the corresponding shades of paint.

Create a Unique Sense of Texture

Wall art is important in interior design because it brings with it a unique sense of texture. Purchase several pieces of wall art with a various texture in order to spice up your interior design. For instance, rough textures can make your space feel more intimate, while smooth textures bring a sense of modernism and sleekness to your room.

Create a Focal Point

Every single room needs a focal point. Why not use your wall art pieces to give your viewer a sense of beauty? A great piece of wall art can easily fulfill the position of a focal point. To make sure your piece of artwork is not overshadowed by other items, make sure it is big enough.

How much importance do you actually put on wall art? If you have been oblivious to the benefits of wall art for your interior space, make it a priority when decorating a room and you will notice the difference.

10 Awesome Ideas for a Stylish and Functional Laundry Room

A laundry room is not only a significant part of your home, but also a determinant of your style and personality. While exuding panache and trend, it should also be incredibly functional. If you’re truly baffled about choosing the right laundry room, here are ten ideas that’ll work like magic. Check them out.

Choose a vibrant shade

Yes. You can always make your laundry zone bright and vibrant with a dab of paint. Go for a color which is resplendent and that lifts your mood almost instantly. Among the very many options, you can choose from yellow, citrus, lemon green or even light orange. Monochromatic colors are an equally great option as they not only brighten the room but also lift up your mood.

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Add proper counter space

Counter space is highly necessary for folding and placing your laundry basket and a couple of other things while you do your job. Go for a customized counter top by adding a dryer and washer, just next to the counter space.


Built-in laundry cabinets

No. Laundry cabinets are not really an expensive affair. Simply get some regular cabinets, paint them and you’ll get bright and stylish laundry cabinets that you always wanted to have. You can also add a versatile drawer style bar as it’ll act both as the hanger rack and the towel.

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Be creative while mounting your washer and dyer

If you are suffering from space crunch, try to stack the washer and the dryer vertically. This is an excellent way to make your laundry area functional despite the space crunch. Another excellent way would be to directly mount them from the floor. Raising these items would eliminate the necessity of bending over for the process of loading and unloading.


Make your laundry room spacious

What’s better than a spacious laundry room that not only looks good but also turns out to be equally functional? Try adding a lot of wall cubicles, baskets, hanging bars for clothes and floating shelves to add the storage space of your laundry room.


Work on the lights

Good lighting is highly essential in a proper laundry room. The under cabinet lights or a large fixture over the head not merely enlightens or brightens your space, but it also helps you to detect spots and other similar stains on the laundry stuff before you get them washed.


Accessories that hide your clutter

A well designed wall, a proper cabinet or even a drop-down ironing board is an excellent way to hide up those excessive clutters.

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Add pattern to the walls

Well, laundry room is one of the most neglected sections of your home. But you can’t really afford to keep it boring. Add some visual interest to the walls with quirky and innovative patterns.

Come up with a multi-purpose laundry section

If you have a space crunch, you can use your laundry room for many purposes. It can be your craft room, mud room, sports equipment storage room or even a room where you store your household supplies.

Transform your closet to a laundry room

Well, you can always do this by adding a lot of shelves and taking care of the clearances, which will ensure that the doors are closed when the room is not being used.

Almost all these ideas are easy to follow. Try them and transform your boring laundry room into a stylish and functional space.

Important Tips and Ideas for Baby’s Nursery Design

There is no need to have a traditional pastel-colored design for your baby’s nursery as nowadays there are a lot of options available. There are some great modern designs that will be loved by both the baby and parents. While you create a nursery you have to make it safe and practical too besides good looking. So to ensure better safety and practicality in your baby’s nursery, you have to follow these tips:


– Adding a dimmer to lighting will help you to set the mood of the room when needed

– Choose the fabrics that are durable and also can be washed easily

– Opt for the furniture pieces which can fit well in nursery as well as in a teenager room

– Be careful about the furniture placement when baby starts crawling or walking

– Covering the outlets of wall is a safe and good idea

– With plenty of storage options it becomes easier to clean the room while holding the baby

– Allow ample space of floor for the baby to enjoy playtime there

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Some Great Nursery Ideas

· Find a Nice Crib

It is better to consider the modern and a bit unique design for the baby’s crib. It can be oval. Even it is better if you consider buying a crib that can be converted into the first bed for baby. Sooner your baby will grow and he/she will need a bed. So the convertible ones can be more profitable to you.


· Go for Grey

If you do not know whether the baby is he or she, then it is best to go for grey. First of all it is timeless and modern. Second, any bright and bold shade can look great with this color. Try different shades of grey to accentuate the room.


· Use Bold Colors

When it comes to baby’s nursery, pastel colors are a big NO! It may look pretty but it will do thing for the baby visually. According to researches, it has been seen that contrast of black and white can powerfully register into the baby’s retina. This sends a strong signal to the baby’s brain. And stronger the signal is, better the growth of baby’s brain. Even bold patterns can be quite useful.


· Design the Ceiling

Now when you know that contrast and bold patterns are important for the baby, don’t ignore the ceiling. It is the area where baby notices the most.


· Fun Motion

Babies love when they are rocked to sleep. It is a good idea to add a hanging chair or some contemporary rocker for baby to rock them to sleep. This will be fun and interesting way which they will definitely love.

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· Creative Ways to Display Baby’s Name

It will be great if you can add the name of the baby in some fun ways. It can be framed letter on the wall or even monogrammed sheets or the pillows will be the best for nursery. This will also help them to learn their name and initials faster.



So, these are some of the great ideas about the baby’s nursery that you can try. Some of the other things that you can consider are – a comfortable place for the adults in the nursery, painting of the shelves or wardrobes with bold patterns etc.

Add an extra oomph to your walk-closet with these simple hacks

Walk-in closets have always symbolized luxury. But gone are those days when we associated these closets with massive mansions and huge rooms. Over the time, walk-in closets have been revamped and we now have some of the best and the most functional range of these closets that are incredibly stylish and also organized at the same time. If you’re not really confident about setting up your closet, here are a couple of guidelines that’ll help you organize and arrange your closet better.

Choose the type and shape of the closet

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Walk in closets are available in a wide range of shapes. You can always make your pick from the L shaped, U shaped or the straight walk-in closets. While the U shape renders maximum storage, the L will occupy two walls, giving you space to move. The straight closet is more viable for smaller areas.

Add proper storage

Almost all of us come with huge accessories and seasonal clothing that needs to be stored for a large part of the year. Having a proper and dedicated space for your clothing and accessories will make it simpler and much less stressful for you to figure out the items when you actually need them. You can also add a lot of drawers in your closet. This will keep your stuff dust free and perfectly organized.

Choose a proper style for your closet

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Well, you will also have to review the different styles of walk-in closets and figure out a style of your own. Contemporary styling is an awesome option if you are looking out to keep an uncluttered and clean space where your clothes are arranged elegantly. When you have a definite style idea in mind, your closet too will look incredibly cohesive and proper. While choosing the colors, you can always go for white because no other palette creates a better and proper backdrop for your clothes to perfectly shine. White is not only high-contrast but is also bright. It goes perfect with a dark room.

Go for more drawers

If you have the advantage of more space, then going for a closet with more drawers is a great idea. This will not only maximize storage but will also make it easier for you to locate and finally drop things before you get them used. You can choose from a wide range of drawers. Likewise, also invest in trays, shelves and boxes to maximize the storage. This will also be an easier way to store all your jewelry, keys and change.

Add mirrors

You can always add an extra oomph to your walk-in closet by adding mirrors. Believe me, ‘too-many mirrors’ is just a myth. If you space and wall is small, try making the doors of your closet mirrored. The doors will be functional; they will keep your items organized and also reflect soft light at other parts of the closet. Finally, set the mood of your closet by adding cool and calm lighting. This will help you feel relaxed and comfortable while choosing clothes.

Follow these awesome tips and you’ll soon end up with the kind of closet that you always desired.

Improvise on your kitchen cabinets with these amazing tips

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most integral aspects of your kitchen and dining space. Not only do they set the entire look and feel of your kitchen, but also keep things perfectly organized. Choosing from a plethora of new and innovative cabinets can be quite baffling. But once you get the hang of it, your kitchen is transformed like never before. In case you’re still wondering how to perfectly arrange your cabinets, here are a couple of cabinet design ideas that are true-blue classics and continue to be a trend for the coming years.

Add a dash of color

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If you’re looking out to add some personality to your kitchen, nothing can work better than a color cabinet. The best part of choosing these cabinets is simply the fact that they can always be repainted according to your convenience. You don’t have to replace them or spend a huge sum to maintain them. While choosing the colors, you can go for neutral shades like white, grey, taupe and even blue.

Textured cabinets

Wood will continue to be a favorite material for crafting your kitchen cabinets. But you can always style your cabinets the new way by using exotic woods that come with striped grains. These grains will not merely add texture but also improve the visual interest of your entire cabinet.

Cabinets with a glossy finish

If grainy finish is not really your thing, experimenting with a little gloss can be a great idea. These glossy cabinets are also easy to maintain. All that you have to do is clean them from time to time by using a soft and slightly damp rag. This will enhance the color, saturate the tones and add a dash of brightness to your kitchen.

Two-tone cabinets

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You can always get creative with the choice of your cabinet by going for a two-tone effect. You can choose from either high and low two tone effects or the actual two tine effect. For the former, you are meant to use one particular color on the lower cabinet and another different (preferably complementary) color on the upper cabinet. For the two tone ones, you will have to actually select a cabinet that comes with a two-tone look. Unlike the former, you wouldn’t really have to mix and match between the colors.

Add a rustic yet modern feel

This is probably the most stylish idea to revamp your cabinets. You can always use the juxtaposition of the rustic and modern feel to add entirely different kind of panache to your kitchens. Use the latest appliances and place them on the conventional counters for a classic yet incredibly modern kitchen and dining space.

Classic white-washed cabinets

If you are looking out to retain the classic feel in your kitchen cabinets, choosing the whitewashed ones can be the best thing. This exudes a European feel and also renders a high-end look to your kitchen. This trend will not only look stunning today, but will turn out to be equally charming in the following decade.

So what’s keeping you waiting? Try these ideas today for a classy and elegant kitchen cabinet that you always wanted to have.

How To Organize Your Closet In 6 Easy Steps

Being organized is the epitome of a gorgeous, yet functional space no matter your closet size. Want some great ideas on how to organize your closet? Take a look at these tips:

Before attempting to organize though, you may want to trim your collection down first. Choose closet pieces that you simply cannot do without; the same goes for your clothes. Some of the editing should include:

Donating unworn clothes since the past year or so

– Recycling or donating stained, broken or torn clothes and accessories

– Tailor-fitting clothing you like but don’t fit well

Work on what’s left of your wardrobe to create a visual impact that screams functionality and yet has a tinge of flair for style.

Coordinate By ColorKéptalálat a következőre: „closet”

Group similar-colored clothing pieces together. That means black jackets, dresses, tops and pants are to be put in one space. For added cohesion, use the same kind of hanger. This way, you can find matching pieces easily while having that organized look.

Store Seasonal Clothing

It would make sense to keep the things you’ll be using only during the summer or winter, so store those clothing items until you do. Put them in boxes or space bags which can be vacuum-sealed to save more space. Break out the jackets and sweaters in winter, then swap them out for summer accessories during the hotter months.

Get Some Drawers

Drawers are absolutely wonderful in keeping closets organized. You can get shallow drawers for storing scarves, mini sweaters and jewelries, while the deeper ones are great for everything else. Cubbies and trays can take care of the smallest items you have, while ties and belts can be put in cubicle storage. A little known tip for stacking clothing in drawers is to store the items vertically so you can see them all when you pull out the drawer.


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Go Smaller

Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better. Divide and conquer large shelves and drawers by using dividers and designating shoe holders; those extra shelves can break up wide storage shelves. The rule of thumb is that no more than 5 layers should be stacked on any given shelf.

Light It Up

When you’re done organizing and putting those clothes in neat stacks and shelves, it’s time to highlight your work. The right kind of lighting can bring out the organized look of a closet, make your closet look bigger than usual and make it easier for you to find the clothes you need. Use efficient, low-voltage or battery-powered lights and install them in dark corners such as drawers and shelves. You can also set it up to open or shut when you close or open your cabinets and drawers.

Keeping It Organized

So you did the hard work and created a beautiful, organized closet. It doesn’t have to be a temporary thing. You can keep it organized by putting the clothes in their place after you use them. Find out ways how to better organize messy sections; a basket for putting them in might work in keeping it tidy. Schedule a regular donation process for clothes you no longer want or need. Remember that elegant design is both functional and free from unnecessary clutter!

What to Consider When Installing a Pool for Your Family


Deciding on installing a pool in your home compound is a decision that requires careful consideration. There are several factors that require a consensus in order to make this decision flourish. Selection of materials, size, and shape should be geared towards meeting all the family members’ needs.

A pool will be a source of entertainment and fun for you and your family while in your compound. Also, it will be an effective place to deal with stress, tensions, and other pressures of the day. Thus, there are a couple of things which you should include in this process. Your point of consideration should be purposely centered on the following aspects:

a) The Function of the Pool

The intended function of the pool may dictate the choice of shape that you and your family settle on. If you like considering swimming for your physical fitness, a rectangular shaped pool may be fantastic for this.

For a hot-tub installation, you can opt for L-shaped pool for the family. Where you have young kids, 8 or kidney shaped pool is suitable. This can be a simple way to divide between deep and shallow locations in the pool for different family users.

b) The Choice of Materials

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Materials for bottom lining and also the sides may depend on family preference or the money available. Fiberglass provides a smooth and durable bottom lining. However, it is more expensive in its initial installation cost.

Concrete provides a variety of shapes and sizes. This is essential where you have young kids and want to suit the pool for everyone. However, consistent maintenance, repair, and future replacement may be required where you choose concrete. Vinyl flooring comes with the cheapest initial cost. Its maintenance and replacement requirements, however, are numerous.

c) Check the Pool Deck Options

What you consider to lie on your way to or around the pool has effect on outlook and also safety. Concrete can be safe and easy to install. However, it requires replacement and consistent repair. Paving stones provides safety while walking since they are slip resistant.

They are also natural and synthetic as well as in different colors and textures. You can also consider tiling. Tiling will give you a durable and a weather resistant pool deck solution.

d) Other Key Pool Features

Where you choose to include other features, be sure to consult the family. This will not only let you know about the benefits of other features, but it will also enlighten you on their cost and impact. For instance, a slide may be protective to young kids but it may add expenses on the initial cost.

Also, a hot-tub may have healthy benefits for all the members of the family after daily involvements. However, it comes with extra costs and also increased energy bills.

e) Consider Landscaping

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Effective landscaping will make your pool look gorgeous as well as improve on the privacy aspect. You may choose plants to create a boundary all around. This will help you to improve the outlook and the privacy of the pool.

Also, plants and their roots will control run-off, overflow, and also soil erosion which may damage your pool. However, be sure to check the root structure to prevent pool bottom line destruction. At the same time, choose plants favorable for the climate of the area.


A suitable family pool takes into account all the requirements and entertainment needs of all family members prior to its installation. Thus, before proceeding to commence with this important process, seek family choices and options on shape, structure, size, and other features. This will help you to come up with the right pool for your family.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Your living room is often the first place visitors take notice of immediately they step foot into your house. This is because it is the first place they see when they walk through your door. It is the place that creates a first impression for them and set the tone on how they will feel about whatever remains of your home. It is also a place where your friends and family entertain and relax from, and its design should reflect exactly that.

Most small living room ideas revolve around tricking the eye into making the area seem more spacious. You do not have to spend a fortune making space physically larger; there are many ways that are simple to execute and cheap too.

Here are some of our favorite ways to make your living room feel more spacious.

1. Put More of Your Focus on The Floor

The floor covers most space in your living room, and that’s the reason you should put more of your efforts on it. Use one ground surface material, for example, carpet or wood all through your living room and all the other rooms bordering it. The reason for this is to create flow with your design and expand the floor. In that same vein, it avoids interrupting the eye with multiple contrasting floor coverings. Use cabinets and sofas with legs, so that the floor blurs under the furniture instead of suddenly stopping at a wall of fabric or wood.

2. Decorate With Mirrors to Reflect Light

One of the most common small living decorating ideas is using mirrors to reflect light. Mirrors appear to push the walls away hence making space appear bigger. Using a mirror adds a nice ambiance, place it in front of your most attractive décor such as rich drapes or floors. You can also position it across your window so that it reflects it and create an illusion of another window.

Instead of using a mirrored wall that looks too old-fashioned hence compromising your aesthetic, use a large framed mirror and prop it on the floor or rather you can use several small mirrors on the wall.

3. Take Advantage of the Walls

The place where the floor and the walls meet defines a room’s size both visually and physically. Changing the walls location without a contraction crew is somehow impossible. However, utilizing the living room stylistic theme that emphasizes on the height of the walls attracts the eye to look up and makes the room seem bigger.

To achieve this, hang floor-length curtains closer to the ceiling, to compel visitors to look upwards use tall bookshelves or install crown molding.

4. Add a Focal Point

In order to take away your visitors attention from the room, emphasize on a focal point or accent piece. You can do this by using anything from a bold piece of furniture, or feature wall to a mantle. Another option you can use is to add a contrasting accessory. Look for something that defers from the rest of your décor in style. For example, In the event that you prefer moderate, modern furniture, pick something else that is conventional like an old fashioned armoire.

5. Arrange For Traffic Flow

One sign of a large space is being able to move freely without interruptions. Arrange your furniture in a way that people can be able to move easily from one point to another. Make sure that you arrange your belongings in a way that you can perform some common tasks in the room such as reaching for light switches and opening and closing window. Decide how someone will be entering the room and the possible destination points for example to the work area seat or couch. Then arrange your furniture in a way one can pass without any hurdles.


Small Kitchen Island Ideas that Will Add to Your Space

A kitchen is the lifeline of a household. But it also is one of the most complicated part to design. The question that comes up frequently while designing a modern kitchen: There is enough storage space but isn’t the workspace too limited?


A kitchen island is the answer to this problem. A multi-functional component, a kitchen island adds to your kitchen’s functions irrespective of the space that you have. In fact, even a small idea can do wonders.

A kitchen island needs to offer following five advantages:


If you opt for small kitchen island ideas, go for an island which:

· Can create extra counter space to prepare food

· Can be used as an eating counter

· Can give additional storage like drawers and shelves

· Can help you fit in the gas burner or stove—the main kitchen appliance.

· Has a right size so that it doesn’t hamper the kitchen’s work flow


Ideas on using a small kitchen island:


Eating counter: A proper eating counter island needs to have an open shelving or an overhang on at least one side for a comfortable sitting or keeping a low-profile bar tool.
Small kitchen island aisles and clearances: How do you decide the size of the kitchen island once you have decided to for one to add value to your lovely kitchen?
Ideal places for islands: Some good places for kitchen islands are the center of the kitchen or an ‘L’-shaped open-floor kitchen plan. If there is no place to install a permanent island, you can also find one which can be shifted.


Some popular kitchen island ideas:

You don’t need to acquire a kitchen island either by buying or customizing. Small kitchen island ideas can, in fact, work better for you. Here are some ideas:

· Restaurant Grade Small Kitchen Island: Comprises a cheap commercial stainless work table of any size. One with a towel bar, open shelving and locking wheels or without them will do wonders.

· Butcher Block Kitchen Island: includes a butcher block and a couple of stools to create a snack counter.

· Rolling Kitchen Island: Just add good-quality wheels to the island that can be kept locked.

· Cabinet: Recycling an old cabinet which has many storage options as a kitchen island.

· Bar Height Dining Table: A tall dining table can serve as a suitable kitchen island. You can add hooks to the side for more storage.

· Drop Leaf Kitchen Island: A drop leaf can be handy in adding an extra counter space to the kitchen. Add the drop leaf at the end of a kitchen cabinet or wall. It can be popped up or drop down depending on the need.

· Repurposed Furniture Kitchen Island by using a sofa table of any size. Tables that are around 30-inch high will be suitable as a kitchen island option.

· Floating Island Ledge: You can fit a simple butcher block ledge in a space in the kitchen.

· Storable Kitchen Island: Can you find out an open spot which can be used for storage when the island is not in use? Or, you can leave one cabinet piece that can be used as an extra cabinet space.