Important Tips and Ideas for Baby’s Nursery Design

There is no need to have a traditional pastel-colored design for your baby’s nursery as nowadays there are a lot of options available. There are some great modern designs that will be loved by both the baby and parents. While you create a nursery you have to make it safe and practical too besides good looking. So to ensure better safety and practicality in your baby’s nursery, you have to follow these tips:


– Adding a dimmer to lighting will help you to set the mood of the room when needed

– Choose the fabrics that are durable and also can be washed easily

– Opt for the furniture pieces which can fit well in nursery as well as in a teenager room

– Be careful about the furniture placement when baby starts crawling or walking

– Covering the outlets of wall is a safe and good idea

– With plenty of storage options it becomes easier to clean the room while holding the baby

– Allow ample space of floor for the baby to enjoy playtime there

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Some Great Nursery Ideas

· Find a Nice Crib

It is better to consider the modern and a bit unique design for the baby’s crib. It can be oval. Even it is better if you consider buying a crib that can be converted into the first bed for baby. Sooner your baby will grow and he/she will need a bed. So the convertible ones can be more profitable to you.


· Go for Grey

If you do not know whether the baby is he or she, then it is best to go for grey. First of all it is timeless and modern. Second, any bright and bold shade can look great with this color. Try different shades of grey to accentuate the room.


· Use Bold Colors

When it comes to baby’s nursery, pastel colors are a big NO! It may look pretty but it will do thing for the baby visually. According to researches, it has been seen that contrast of black and white can powerfully register into the baby’s retina. This sends a strong signal to the baby’s brain. And stronger the signal is, better the growth of baby’s brain. Even bold patterns can be quite useful.


· Design the Ceiling

Now when you know that contrast and bold patterns are important for the baby, don’t ignore the ceiling. It is the area where baby notices the most.


· Fun Motion

Babies love when they are rocked to sleep. It is a good idea to add a hanging chair or some contemporary rocker for baby to rock them to sleep. This will be fun and interesting way which they will definitely love.

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· Creative Ways to Display Baby’s Name

It will be great if you can add the name of the baby in some fun ways. It can be framed letter on the wall or even monogrammed sheets or the pillows will be the best for nursery. This will also help them to learn their name and initials faster.



So, these are some of the great ideas about the baby’s nursery that you can try. Some of the other things that you can consider are – a comfortable place for the adults in the nursery, painting of the shelves or wardrobes with bold patterns etc.