4 Amazing Ideas to Truly Transform Your Bedroom

Bedroom is that one corner of your home where you look forward to relax. It should be comfortable and relaxing enough to help you take a break from your hectic schedule. Whether it is the interiors, shades, furniture or even the lights; everything should be perfectly arranged to render a calm and serene ambience. But how to come up with a warm and comfortable space, that is both indulgent and yet incredibly functional?

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Well, we’ve figured out your answers and come up with some of the best master bedroom ideas that’ll transform your bedroom from the room where you sleep to the most favorite corner of your home. Check out these guidelines for the perfectly personalized space that you always craved for.

Make your bedroom functional by adding a seating area

As we mentioned earlier, your bedroom shouldn’t merely be the space where you sleep. But it should be a space where you feel like spending your time. This is exactly why you should go for a specific seating area in your room. This area will hold a perfect function as it’ll satisfy you when you’re not really looking out to spend your entire day on bed.

If you’re into reading books, place a cozy armchair by your bed. Again, if you love spending most of your time watching TV, add a daybed to your room for stretching out.

Add a small storage space

Most of the times, people literally struggle with the minimal storage space in their rooms. One of the best ways to handle that issue is by incorporating a classy and elegant storage solution to your décor. Take your bedroom design ideas to the next level, by investing in a built-in closet. These closets can be customized according to your need. Again, if you have a tad bit of space crunch then open shelving and foot trunks too can work wonders.

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Invest in some good wall art

Elegant wall arts are extremely vital for any and every space, and your bedrooms too aren’t an exception. You can add a wall art to your seating and dressing space for some amount of visual interest. Try this on any other wall that looks pretty much blank. While browsing through these wall arts, try to go for art with more variety. Play with the different colors, frame styles and textures to come up with something incredibly unique and out of the box.

Try to experiment with the accent pieces

In most cases, you will observe that the bedrooms are more of neutral spaces. They are a particularly calming zone with neutral walls, bedding and even accents. But there’s absolutely no harm in experimenting with your accents. No. They don’t look out of place at all, and rather add a more balanced and composed design to your bedrooms. Don’t overlook the different kinds of prints and patterns. Make it a point to invest in things that reflect a part of you that reflects your personality. It is only then when you’ll come up with a room that is not only incredibly snuggly and comfortable, but also equally stylish and elegant.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Your living room is often the first place visitors take notice of immediately they step foot into your house. This is because it is the first place they see when they walk through your door. It is the place that creates a first impression for them and set the tone on how they will feel about whatever remains of your home. It is also a place where your friends and family entertain and relax from, and its design should reflect exactly that.

Most small living room ideas revolve around tricking the eye into making the area seem more spacious. You do not have to spend a fortune making space physically larger; there are many ways that are simple to execute and cheap too.

Here are some of our favorite ways to make your living room feel more spacious.

1. Put More of Your Focus on The Floor

The floor covers most space in your living room, and that’s the reason you should put more of your efforts on it. Use one ground surface material, for example, carpet or wood all through your living room and all the other rooms bordering it. The reason for this is to create flow with your design and expand the floor. In that same vein, it avoids interrupting the eye with multiple contrasting floor coverings. Use cabinets and sofas with legs, so that the floor blurs under the furniture instead of suddenly stopping at a wall of fabric or wood.

2. Decorate With Mirrors to Reflect Light

One of the most common small living decorating ideas is using mirrors to reflect light. Mirrors appear to push the walls away hence making space appear bigger. Using a mirror adds a nice ambiance, place it in front of your most attractive décor such as rich drapes or floors. You can also position it across your window so that it reflects it and create an illusion of another window.

Instead of using a mirrored wall that looks too old-fashioned hence compromising your aesthetic, use a large framed mirror and prop it on the floor or rather you can use several small mirrors on the wall.

3. Take Advantage of the Walls

The place where the floor and the walls meet defines a room’s size both visually and physically. Changing the walls location without a contraction crew is somehow impossible. However, utilizing the living room stylistic theme that emphasizes on the height of the walls attracts the eye to look up and makes the room seem bigger.

To achieve this, hang floor-length curtains closer to the ceiling, to compel visitors to look upwards use tall bookshelves or install crown molding.

4. Add a Focal Point

In order to take away your visitors attention from the room, emphasize on a focal point or accent piece. You can do this by using anything from a bold piece of furniture, or feature wall to a mantle. Another option you can use is to add a contrasting accessory. Look for something that defers from the rest of your décor in style. For example, In the event that you prefer moderate, modern furniture, pick something else that is conventional like an old fashioned armoire.

5. Arrange For Traffic Flow

One sign of a large space is being able to move freely without interruptions. Arrange your furniture in a way that people can be able to move easily from one point to another. Make sure that you arrange your belongings in a way that you can perform some common tasks in the room such as reaching for light switches and opening and closing window. Decide how someone will be entering the room and the possible destination points for example to the work area seat or couch. Then arrange your furniture in a way one can pass without any hurdles.


Why Removable wallpapers are preferred for many interior homemakeovers

Many people are ever worried that their currently preferred wallpaper design may not actually stand the test of time and instead turn into those items which might no longer fit the latest house design fashion trends. Removable wallpapers offer a lot of relief given that they are cheap and no great deal of work is involved when they are being put on the walls. Temporary wallpapers are ideal for renters and the benefit is that home upgrade can be done at any time instant without incurring huge design costs. Removable wallpapers use special adhesives which make them seamlessly stick to the preferred wall position and also peel off without much effort should there be need for wallpaper replacement or a change in sticking position.

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If your worry has been enduring the nightmare of scouring, steaming and repainting your wall whenever you want to put in new wallpaper, then consider those problems to be truly over as removable wallpapers are now the huge solution. Getting the best deal out of any wallpaper you put on the wall means that you are have to be sure about certain specifics and it usually starts with how you envision your rental space. Wallpapers don’t work out well with rough and heavily textured surfaces therefore the first and foremost thing is that you should take a closer look at your wall texture. If you can feel or see any loose plaster particles on the wall surface then that should be a direct indication that you should give a second thought before committing to having the given wallpaper on that specific part of your house. Rough texture does peel off wallpaper material thereby creating patches which in almost all instances are an eyesore.

Buying a highly reliable removable wallpaper requires exposure to a variety of options. The benefit is that you get to have an accurate picture of a wallpaper that can represent all your beauty imaginations as well as live up to the size and functionality which you may have set. There are many companies which specifically deal in the design and manufacture of removable wallpapers and benefit accrued is that as a consumer, you have the power to dictate how your wallpaper should look like and even go further to include a personal design impression which might be of interest to you.

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Companies such as Bilk, WallCandy Arts and Spoonflower allow their clients to decide on any graphical impressions that should be appearing in their wallpapers. This is highly welcomed given that personalized design impressions add a lot of value to homes as the resulting artistic impression is something which is ever unique and whose value can’t be matched. There is also a possibility that some clients may not have that time to give out their own personal imaginations as such a move also tends to be slightly costly. If that is the case the advice is to always look out for a company that has a lot of design impressions and patterns to offer. Walls Need Love, Sherwin-Williams, Murals Your Way, and Design Your Wall are some of the wallpaper companies which are known for their diverse patterns. The diverse company choice is a huge welcome in that that you have someplace to turn to regardless of your preferred wallpaper design taste.

More Living Room Decorating Ideas

In a home, more time is spent in the living room than in any other room. It acts as a multi-purpose space for play, relaxation, entertainment, and conversation. When undertaking remodeling or redecorating, you should give careful thought on how you can maximize both living room comfort and utility. A nifty way to make sure you never go wrong is to always ensure your living room has a strong focal point. Most living rooms have inbuilt focal points such as fireplaces, but you can always develop your own such as an entertainment system.
Regardless of what you love doing most in your living room, the creative ideas below will give you illuminating insight on how you can transform your living room into a space you will always delight in.

The Mantel or Fireplace Centerpiece
Utilize your rooms fireplace to create a warm living room centerpiece that is inviting and oozes warmth. You can go for rustic hues or select deep, wood shades depending on your predisposition. If you go for a dark fireplace or mantel theme, beautifully contrast it with brightly colored furniture and accessories to achieve a balanced feel. If dark is not your thing, blue or light stone hues can give that airy vibe.


The Sectional Sofa Centerpiece
A well selected sectional sofa can act as your living room’s centerpiece and at the same time avail ample sitting space for your whole family. A white or cream sectional can be enhanced with well-decorated pillows, while a dark-brown or black leather sectional can give your room an executive but cozy mood. Sectionals are particularly ideal if you are into minimalist themes since the need for room accents and other decorations is greatly minimized.

Sofa and Sofa Table Pairing
Place your sofa table lengthwise behind your sofa to create a functional space. You can also place your sofa in the middle of the room facing the room’s centerpiece or the main wall. You can further utilize heavy decorative items like a statue, a vase, or an oversize piece of art to give your room a distinct and sophisticated look. The underlying idea when using a sofa and sofa table is to create sections that will enhance both functionality and substance.

Centralized Sitting Area
If you love having people over, neatly arrange your furniture to create a tranquil living room centerpiece where you can easily converse and entertain guests. A coffee table surrounded by armchairs or two leather/suede sofas arranged lengthwise should do the trick. If space is what you are after, you can join two coffee tables and arrange arm chairs on either side in a boardroom kind of style.

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Built-in Top-to-bottom Bookshelf
A built-in bookshelf can create a classic, strong and distinct focal point. It is a particularly ideal alternative for those who wish to have a strong focal point but are limited by lack of a mantelpiece or fireplace. You should adopt a minimalist approach when decorating the rest of the room to ensure that the bookshelf takes center stage. Remember to stock the bookshelf with books you love to add a touch of character and personality.

Living Rooms

Rewrite written by: ContentKing101 You can say that your living room is the “public place” of your home. It’s the room in the house in which you will most likely hosts your guests, friends and/or family. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a living room that is mellow and relaxing, or something that is vibrant and bold, the important here is that you have a living room that is just as unique as your personality.

Wonders Of Paint

http://st.hzcdn.com/simgs/fc0128dc06d4c33e_4-7843/contemporary-living-room.jpgOne of the easiest and cost efficient ways of injecting more personality to your living room is the application of new paint color. A paint is a flexible medium that can greatly help in projecting the mood that you want, and without breaking the bank while doing it. You can get inspiration from these paint ideas for your living room. Yes, it’s that easy to transform one of the most used rooms in the house.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great medium to use if you are aiming for something with a bold shade that is able to overwhelm the room. An accent Wall is also a great idea if you want to create a focal point for your living room. For the best effect, an accent wall is a great idea if you want to frame a collection of art or bring into perspective a great architecture feature.

With accent wall, you are not limited to using a single color. You can even use stripes as a means of melding several colors in the decorating palette.

Ceiling Contrast

Most people overlook the ceiling when they think of decorating. However, adding the right color can greatly enhance the color dynamic of the room. This is especially true if you choose a color that works well with the wall color.

You have the option of brightening the room by using bold colors, or you can have a subtle effect using muted shades. If your ceiling is low, you can make them appear higher by using lilac or blue color. It’s a great way of making the room bigger than it appears.

Floor Paint

Opening to the idea of painting your floors opens a new world of possibilities. You have a lot of options, like staining a concrete flooring or painting it. If you want that modern simplicity effect, then bright works very well. If you want something that is in-line with a more traditional look of the checkboard design, you can paint two contrasting colors in a checkboard pattern.

Concrete floors can be really sleek with the use of the ultra-shiny epoxy coating. You also have the option of staining the concrete to create a subtle finish that imitates the look of a quarried stone or marble.

http://cdn.home-designing.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/yellow-living-room-accents-300x250.jpgYou can push that envelope further by integrating texture paint treatments. You can use stripping or rag rolling. Marbling is also a great technique if you want more than one color. The Faux painting might take time to master, but the effects are worth the effort. Fortunately, you can use specialized rollers and brushes to get the effect faster and easier. Adding texture to your ceiling or wall is an easy way to instantly make your living room more luxurious; especially if the technique is applied on the accent wall, and making use of neutral pallet that comes with a fine degree of contrast between the different shapes as a means of keeping the treatment subtle.

Custom Mural

Creating a custom mural for your living room is perhaps one of the most adventurous ideas. You can choose to have a full-wall masterpiece or small accent. Full rainbow color or monochromatic colors, its all up to you. You can freely emulate works of art from your favorite artist or design something that is of your own. Feel free to hire a professional if a mural painting is not in your skillset. If you are concerned about the effect of the mural in relation to the resale value of your home, you can simply hang a large artwork instead.