Living Room Decorating Ideas

Your living room is often the first place visitors take notice of immediately they step foot into your house. This is because it is the first place they see when they walk through your door. It is the place that creates a first impression for them and set the tone on how they will feel about whatever remains of your home. It is also a place where your friends and family entertain and relax from, and its design should reflect exactly that.

Most small living room ideas revolve around tricking the eye into making the area seem more spacious. You do not have to spend a fortune making space physically larger; there are many ways that are simple to execute and cheap too.

Here are some of our favorite ways to make your living room feel more spacious.

1. Put More of Your Focus on The Floor

The floor covers most space in your living room, and that’s the reason you should put more of your efforts on it. Use one ground surface material, for example, carpet or wood all through your living room and all the other rooms bordering it. The reason for this is to create flow with your design and expand the floor. In that same vein, it avoids interrupting the eye with multiple contrasting floor coverings. Use cabinets and sofas with legs, so that the floor blurs under the furniture instead of suddenly stopping at a wall of fabric or wood.

2. Decorate With Mirrors to Reflect Light

One of the most common small living decorating ideas is using mirrors to reflect light. Mirrors appear to push the walls away hence making space appear bigger. Using a mirror adds a nice ambiance, place it in front of your most attractive décor such as rich drapes or floors. You can also position it across your window so that it reflects it and create an illusion of another window.

Instead of using a mirrored wall that looks too old-fashioned hence compromising your aesthetic, use a large framed mirror and prop it on the floor or rather you can use several small mirrors on the wall.

3. Take Advantage of the Walls

The place where the floor and the walls meet defines a room’s size both visually and physically. Changing the walls location without a contraction crew is somehow impossible. However, utilizing the living room stylistic theme that emphasizes on the height of the walls attracts the eye to look up and makes the room seem bigger.

To achieve this, hang floor-length curtains closer to the ceiling, to compel visitors to look upwards use tall bookshelves or install crown molding.

4. Add a Focal Point

In order to take away your visitors attention from the room, emphasize on a focal point or accent piece. You can do this by using anything from a bold piece of furniture, or feature wall to a mantle. Another option you can use is to add a contrasting accessory. Look for something that defers from the rest of your décor in style. For example, In the event that you prefer moderate, modern furniture, pick something else that is conventional like an old fashioned armoire.

5. Arrange For Traffic Flow

One sign of a large space is being able to move freely without interruptions. Arrange your furniture in a way that people can be able to move easily from one point to another. Make sure that you arrange your belongings in a way that you can perform some common tasks in the room such as reaching for light switches and opening and closing window. Decide how someone will be entering the room and the possible destination points for example to the work area seat or couch. Then arrange your furniture in a way one can pass without any hurdles.


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