Top 5 Bathroom Ideas You Can Never Go Wrong About

Tile is the most preferred material in the bathroom because it reflects light and it easy to clean as well as durable and freshens up your bathroom space. Using tiles to finish your bathroom is an excellent way to make it look polished, besides refurbishing it without major renovations. When you use tiles in your bathroom, it is important to clean it properly, since when it is not cleaned well, grout between the tiles will become grimy. Also, regular maintenance is imperative when it comes to preserving the aesthetic looks of the tile while avoiding making it grungy.

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The cost of tile is relatively higher than paint, so your budget will determine the quantity of material and complexity of the design. Under normal circumstances, choices range from maximum use; using on the floor and ceiling, to minimal; using it on the borders only. Each implementation can be done using different materials, such as multicolored mosaics or classic subway tiles.


When you are planning make changes to your bathroom, it is important to consider the resale value, because white is the popular color scheme in every room. A bathroom is a place where most of your guest are likely to see when they visit you. So, it is a place to make a statement. Think about your bathroom the way you use to think about your kitchen; you need it to be clean and timeless as well as make it attract more potential buyers.


You could let tiles make a daring statement as well as cover all the walls, or instead use it to make a pseudo-wainscoting and paint the top-half of your wall with the color you like. Here are 5 top bathroom tile ideas that you can try on your space.

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1. Wainscoting

This is a decorative wall covering idea, which extends partly to the wall. It is typically done in wood and spaces just like the dining room. Wainscoting also works in the bathroom to add character. If you are on a tight budget, and you want to include tile, try tiling the floor and paint the remaining part of the wall using gloss or semi gloss paint to make easy for you to clean. The advantage of using tile wainscoting is that you can use as a backsplash when you extend it higher above the sink.


2. Border tile

Border tiling is the best way of making a statement without investing a lot of money and time. It can be altered to suit the taste of the future buyers. All you need to do is to complement a strip of colored glass or mosaic tile along the top subway tile wainscoting, or you can let it stand on the painted wall for warming up the room. Border Tile enables you to add personal style to your space without spending more.


3. Flooring

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Tile flooring is the most common bathroom idea. It is the best alternative to hardwoods that can be damaged when exposed to a lot of water. If you choose to use ceramic tiles on your bathroom floor, it important that you go for grade 1 or 2 tiles with water absorption rating of not more than 7 percent, besides a constant of friction more than.60. These tiles are slip-resistant and cannot be damaged by water. Porosity is also important; you will want to have impervious tile for your bathroom because of water exposure. Bare feet vinyl is better than ceramic tile; also, it is easy to install, safe and easy to maintain.


4. Shower Tile
Use different tile in your shower to describe zones in the bathroom. Use a tile with an absorption rate of not more than 3%, lower than what is recommended for floors and one with good traction coefficient of friction more than.60.


5. All Over

All-over tiling is a perfect way of merging easy cleaning and durability with style in your space if budget is not a factor. However, you should vary the shape, pattern, color, texture and size of tiles by simply using different materials on walls, floors of the bathroom. Therefore, using all over tile is the best way of making a small space look brighter since the tiles reflect light.

Improving Your Home Exterior

Most homeowners spend most of their time trying to decorate the interior of their homes. They also allocate a large budget towards decorating the interior of the home. They fail to recognize the effort and backyard as some of the parts which have huge opportunities. Freshening your home front, backyard and landscape is among the things which will add great value to your resale value.

Value addition to your outdoor space is more than just having green lawn in place. A well landscaped yard will be more appealing than just a landscape with plain grass. It is very easy to liven up your landscape during weekends. There are several landscaping ideas you can try at home. After you apply the following landscaping ideas, you will have a lively backyard within no time.

Add a Backyard Fire Pit Area

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Adding a fire pit will allow you a great place where you will gather at different seasons of the year. There are several designs of fireplaces available, you can have simple metal styles or any other style you may consider suitable for your backyard. There are several garden stores which sale the fire places. In order to decide on the most suitable style, start by figuring out what you will be using. If you will like a fireplace for roasting food, then you need to go for a cheaper metal bowl. If you will like to create a stylish backyard, you can as well go for custom made designs.

Add Backyard Privacy with Plants

If your neighbors are too close to an extent where you feel your privacy has been infringed, then you can do yourself a favor after you decide to install a tree barrier. You will not necessary have a fence, but planting trees in a specific order will offer you great privacy. Large trees can easily obscure the neighbors. Some of the trees you can use to achieve great privacy include cypress, boxwood shrubs and bamboo.

Create a Backyard Dining Area

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If you will like to achieve more out of your backyard, you can consider adding dining area. It will serve as a great place for fresco and dinners. You can decide to have a picnic table, outdoor kitchen or just a large patio made out of stones. For a cozy feel, you can add decorations. By just placing a grill nearby, you will be ready for BBQs as well as Sunday brunch area.

Add a Backyard Water Feature

Water will bring serenity ad calmness to your backyard. They are very easy to install. For waterfalls and ponds, you can buy ready made kits. You can as well resort to a DIY project to have the items in place. In order to create your own outdoor oasis, you can add few goldfish to the pond water.

Cover Up Any Eyesores

If you have things such as utility meters, air conditioning units or old buildings, you can cover them up and make them less appealing by placing a lattice fence around the items you consider less appealing. You can as well add tall potted plants to cover the blemishes. Always ensure there is enough ventilation.

Why Removable wallpapers are preferred for many interior homemakeovers

Many people are ever worried that their currently preferred wallpaper design may not actually stand the test of time and instead turn into those items which might no longer fit the latest house design fashion trends. Removable wallpapers offer a lot of relief given that they are cheap and no great deal of work is involved when they are being put on the walls. Temporary wallpapers are ideal for renters and the benefit is that home upgrade can be done at any time instant without incurring huge design costs. Removable wallpapers use special adhesives which make them seamlessly stick to the preferred wall position and also peel off without much effort should there be need for wallpaper replacement or a change in sticking position.

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If your worry has been enduring the nightmare of scouring, steaming and repainting your wall whenever you want to put in new wallpaper, then consider those problems to be truly over as removable wallpapers are now the huge solution. Getting the best deal out of any wallpaper you put on the wall means that you are have to be sure about certain specifics and it usually starts with how you envision your rental space. Wallpapers don’t work out well with rough and heavily textured surfaces therefore the first and foremost thing is that you should take a closer look at your wall texture. If you can feel or see any loose plaster particles on the wall surface then that should be a direct indication that you should give a second thought before committing to having the given wallpaper on that specific part of your house. Rough texture does peel off wallpaper material thereby creating patches which in almost all instances are an eyesore.

Buying a highly reliable removable wallpaper requires exposure to a variety of options. The benefit is that you get to have an accurate picture of a wallpaper that can represent all your beauty imaginations as well as live up to the size and functionality which you may have set. There are many companies which specifically deal in the design and manufacture of removable wallpapers and benefit accrued is that as a consumer, you have the power to dictate how your wallpaper should look like and even go further to include a personal design impression which might be of interest to you.

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Companies such as Bilk, WallCandy Arts and Spoonflower allow their clients to decide on any graphical impressions that should be appearing in their wallpapers. This is highly welcomed given that personalized design impressions add a lot of value to homes as the resulting artistic impression is something which is ever unique and whose value can’t be matched. There is also a possibility that some clients may not have that time to give out their own personal imaginations as such a move also tends to be slightly costly. If that is the case the advice is to always look out for a company that has a lot of design impressions and patterns to offer. Walls Need Love, Sherwin-Williams, Murals Your Way, and Design Your Wall are some of the wallpaper companies which are known for their diverse patterns. The diverse company choice is a huge welcome in that that you have someplace to turn to regardless of your preferred wallpaper design taste.

How to Decorate Small Backyard of your Home – Tips and Ideas

Whenever it comes to owning a home people always look for a place where they can live a peaceful and relaxed life. Many people even plan for years to own a dream home of their life. So, it is quite important for everyone to make a house that can provide a great staying experience to the people who are living in the house no matter whether you are making the house for your own living or you are making it to sell. While building a house people always gives more importance to the design of the building but along with the house the backyard is also a significant part of any house.

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Because of small space many people avoid the backyard and focus only on making the house but being a wise homeowner you have to also consider decorating the backyard in order to make the house a perfect place of living also a perfect home for selling. Here, we have mentioned some really great small backyard ideas that can help you build a great backyard in the small space of your house.

How to Create an Excellent Backyard for your Home

Creating a perfect deck needs a little planning and effort which can help you to transform your small space into an excellent deck that will make everyone jealous. So what are the efforts that you have to make?

Plan how to Use the Space

How you are going to use the space the backyard is very crucial. You can design the exterior by adding a dining table with some nice chairs along with a patio umbrella to make it a perfect place to enjoy some relax summer time with family. If you have some more space available you can arrange some more seating place or a fire pit. You can also add some patio furniture if you want to make it more interesting.

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Think about Pathways

Adding pathways in your backyard is a great idea to enhance the beauty as well as to make the space look quite bigger. You can add black or white stones to the pathways to make it look beautiful. You can also divide the space of your backyard through the pathways and then use the space of both sides by adding patio furniture or you can also build a small garden using flowers and plants.

Use Attractive Colors

The choice of the color can bring a considerable difference in the look of your backyard. As the space of the backyard is small you will not get chance to add just whatever you want and therefore you have to plan each thing wisely to make it look perfect. Color is one of the important factors that can change the view of the deck. Try to use a colour which is bold, decent and able to give the yard an intense look. Whether it is the color of the furniture, patio umbrella or choice of the flowers in the garden, everything must complement each other.

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Decorate it Simple

If you want to make your small backyard look awesome then plan the deck wisely. If the space is small then try to keep it simple but elegant. Do not try to pack the space with so many items, as it will make the space look messy.

Hopefully the above given tips have provided you some really great ideas about small backyard decoration. Now, it is your time to use these ideas and create a great backyard for your home.

What Window Treatment Should You Choose?

Some great and beautiful windows in your home are very important. These windows add a character to your house and also provide some natural light through it. Without proper windows, any home is incomplete and unfinished.


You can choose among curtains, blinds and cornices to design the windows in your own style. Before you decide what treatment you want, you need to know the function of it that you want and also how you want it to visually look like. Is the window for your home office? Then the blinds will be a good choice as it blocks out the glare of the sun. And if you are looking for classy and elegant touch for the windows in dining room, you can choose the cornice. It is a stylish option. And if it is meant for your privacy then opting for the opaque material will be the best choice.


Curtains that are customized can be quite expensive. Thus, you need to think about the style as well as its function before you make your final decision. There are a lot of window treatment ideas that are great as well as work for all types of budget and skill level. Here are some of the latest and most popular trends:


Wood Cornices

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These are the most classic and elegant window treatment idea. But due to their traditional nature and looks, this option is often ignored in the contemporary homes. It can be paired with curtains as well as painted or stained. If you choose for this make sure you opt for professional carpenter to get it done. The cornices hide the hardware used for curtains. It is also available in luxurious detailing such as crown molding. This gives a regal look.


Painted Windows

If you are fond of the clean edge look but the budget is low for those customized cornices, then you can paint the windows mullions, sill and frame. This way you will get a beautiful look of the windows without dressing it with any curtains. It is better to try the bold colors in order to highlight the view. If you are going to resale it then it is better to consider dark colors for a more chic look.


Opaque Panels

Without the ultra-rich look of opaque panels, the window treatment ideas will remain incomplete. Velvet can block lights as well as give a lavish look to the room. Beside this, other great choices can be suede fabrics, silk damask and chenille weaves. Unusual colors will provide better impact.


Swing Arm Curtains

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It is a unique idea though it is not used much in the USA. It requires a hinged curtain rod in order to move the curtain to stand at a 90-degree angle from the window. These are inexpensive but a brilliant idea for window treatment.


Sheer Panels

Sheer is the bestseller and undoubtedly they look great and gorgeous, regardless of the room. It doesn’t even cost much. It offers privacy as well as allows enough light to come in. White sheers can provide a beautiful, elegant and breezy feel to the room when it is hung from ceiling to the floor. Choosing sheer in a pastel shade is the best choice you can make.

Common Backsplash Materials

The idea of having a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom can be overlooked when one is building their first house. It may look unnecessary and costly at the moment because a coat of washable paint will do. However, as time goes by, you will realize the importance of a backsplash. For those who are not acquainted, a backsplash is a section of material added on the wall between the bottom of the cabinets and the counter top.

Apart from covering the gaps in your wall, back splashing enhances cleanliness and hygiene. They make it easy to wipe and clean water, spatter and grease in the kitchen and bathrooms. A backsplash also protects the wall from peeling off and developing mold over time. This covering also adds visual appeal on the room because it’s like permanent art that doesn’t fade.

Seeing that a backsplash is really important, a home owner might consider incorporating it in their house. Here are a few materials and ideas used mostly for backsplash installation;

Ceramic Tiles

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Ceramic tiles are the most common backsplash material all over the world. Tiles come in different sizes, colors and designs. There are also many ways one can place the tiles on the wall from straight to angles to mix and match. Ceramic Tiles are also easy to maintain once they dry up and they never go out of style.

Stainless Steel

If you want a more modern and sleek look in the kitchen, a stainless steel backsplash could be ideal. This wall covering will match most of the appliances in the kitchen and continue that modern feel. Stainless steel is easy to maintain and extremely durable.


Natural stone is a very contemporary material for a backsplash. A stone backsplash will contrast the cabinets and countertops. They are durable, unique and give a vintage feeling. However, natural stone is not so smooth so wiping it can be difficult. A good way to use stone in kitchen décor is to continue with the granite and marble that is used on the countertops.

Solid Glass

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Glass has grown tremendously in popularity compared to other materials. This popularity is because the material is easy to clean, affordable and easy to design. Glass is also very functional when it comes to reflecting light from the windows and doors hence brightening the room and adding warmth.

Uncommon Materials

Today, people are using bamboo, hard wood, chalkboard and pounded copper as materials for their backsplash. The idea is to have something that will protect the wall and provide beauty at the same time.

There is no limit to what you can do with your backsplash. It can just be a simple covering or a place to showcase your creativity and personality. A backsplash can be the focal point of a room depending on how it’s designed. Today people are using mosaic style in backsplash to make a statement. You can mix and match ceramic tiles, wood and stones to make something amazing. A great idea would be to have backsplash contrasting with the cabinets.

Selecting the material and design of a backsplash depends on your budget, taste and time. However, it should look good, be durable and blend with the rest of the décor.



More Living Room Decorating Ideas

In a home, more time is spent in the living room than in any other room. It acts as a multi-purpose space for play, relaxation, entertainment, and conversation. When undertaking remodeling or redecorating, you should give careful thought on how you can maximize both living room comfort and utility. A nifty way to make sure you never go wrong is to always ensure your living room has a strong focal point. Most living rooms have inbuilt focal points such as fireplaces, but you can always develop your own such as an entertainment system.
Regardless of what you love doing most in your living room, the creative ideas below will give you illuminating insight on how you can transform your living room into a space you will always delight in.

The Mantel or Fireplace Centerpiece
Utilize your rooms fireplace to create a warm living room centerpiece that is inviting and oozes warmth. You can go for rustic hues or select deep, wood shades depending on your predisposition. If you go for a dark fireplace or mantel theme, beautifully contrast it with brightly colored furniture and accessories to achieve a balanced feel. If dark is not your thing, blue or light stone hues can give that airy vibe.


The Sectional Sofa Centerpiece
A well selected sectional sofa can act as your living room’s centerpiece and at the same time avail ample sitting space for your whole family. A white or cream sectional can be enhanced with well-decorated pillows, while a dark-brown or black leather sectional can give your room an executive but cozy mood. Sectionals are particularly ideal if you are into minimalist themes since the need for room accents and other decorations is greatly minimized.

Sofa and Sofa Table Pairing
Place your sofa table lengthwise behind your sofa to create a functional space. You can also place your sofa in the middle of the room facing the room’s centerpiece or the main wall. You can further utilize heavy decorative items like a statue, a vase, or an oversize piece of art to give your room a distinct and sophisticated look. The underlying idea when using a sofa and sofa table is to create sections that will enhance both functionality and substance.

Centralized Sitting Area
If you love having people over, neatly arrange your furniture to create a tranquil living room centerpiece where you can easily converse and entertain guests. A coffee table surrounded by armchairs or two leather/suede sofas arranged lengthwise should do the trick. If space is what you are after, you can join two coffee tables and arrange arm chairs on either side in a boardroom kind of style.

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Built-in Top-to-bottom Bookshelf
A built-in bookshelf can create a classic, strong and distinct focal point. It is a particularly ideal alternative for those who wish to have a strong focal point but are limited by lack of a mantelpiece or fireplace. You should adopt a minimalist approach when decorating the rest of the room to ensure that the bookshelf takes center stage. Remember to stock the bookshelf with books you love to add a touch of character and personality.

Suspended glass flooring with mirror shards – Exuding elegance and style

All of us are accustomed to the idea of well-finished floor that exudes the right amount of style and elegance. Whether the floor is wooden or made of tiles, it is ought to be smooth with a proper finish. This has been the age-old idea of home floors and we have conformed to this idea by incorporating the same style, decade after decade. But quite recently, we stumbled upon an amazing glass floor design scheme that totally blew our minds away. It was not merely stunning, but also exuded a different kind of charm and elegance altogether. It was as if, the new glass floor added an entirely new definition to the room.

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Well, we are talking about none other than Casa Cor Rio, which was one of the leading design and architecture events in the recent past. It was hosted in Latin America and it boasted some of the most unconventional and unique designs ever. The unique and out of the box interiors featured a stunning suspended glass floor. Well, a glass floor is not something that we see every day. It was enough to de-bust our myth. But that was not just the end of it. Guess what? The floor was teamed with broken pieces of mirrors inside it. It was indeed a rare sight, but it was also undeniably beautiful.


This creation had been crafted by Gisele Taranto Architecture a leading architecture firm that is known for its unconventional and quirky design approaches. Together with LZ Studio, they conceptualized an idea that was unbelievable for many. They carefully chose this option from their vast laboratory of ideas and LAB LZ with the collaboration of GT has designed a particular space with suspended glass floor. The floor had a rich finish and featured broken mirror shards that were tactfully placed in between the space within the subfloor and the finished level of the floor. This was recorded in a recent press release.


Through this stunning installation, the designers carefully used the mirrors to beautifully highlight the profound concept of depth. They further shed some light about the reflection that they aimed to achieve from this space. Their designed piece was more about self-reflection and introspection rather than anything else.


It might apparently seem that this concept of flooring does not adhere to the modern concept of harmony design. By harmony design we intend to speak about that unspoken rule that no sharp edges or things should be left under the sight of a well finished room. Well, this might be true to an extent, but the new idea is nevertheless inspiring and unique. This is exactly why we decided to present it before you as a bold yet excellent alternative for the boring concrete or wooden floors. We were further impressed by the design scheme along the glass floor as it perfectly unveiled the picture gallery down below.


So what do you think about this unconventional idea? Would you like to have a similar kind of floor in your dream home?

Helpful Ideas To Consider When Designing An Outdoor Deck

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Most people normally enhance their home interior so that it can look attractive and beautiful. Some people usually opt to paint the walls of their living room as well as the bedrooms. Others, usually opt to hire interior designers so that they can put wallpapers in their interior of their houses. However, it is also important that you consider the exterior of your home as well. Your home exterior should be organized, clean and welcoming. The exterior of your home gives the impression of who you are. This is the reason why you should consider constructing an outdoor deck.

An outdoor deck will make your home to feel larger. This is a place where you can spend time with your visitors when taking drinks. A deck can actually provide an attractive outdoor area where you can enjoy with your friends. It is a place where you can play with your kids and pets. This is the reason why you should understand important deck design and planning considerations so that your deck can be a successful project. The following are some of the things that you should consider when constructing an outdoor deck:

1. Construction materials

The materials that are used in constructing an outdoor deck are likely to get affected by harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, hot sun and other environmental elements .These materials require to be maintained from time to time. This is the reason why you should select the right material that can cope with harsh weather conditions. Some of the materials that you can use include: aluminum, redwood, composite, natural wood and so on. Pressure-treated wood is one of the commonly used materials in making decking surfaces. You will also realize that redwood is slightly more durable but it is more expensive. Wood composite decking is also popular nowadays. This is due to its longevity and environmentally friendly characteristics.

2. The purpose of the deck

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It is important that you determine what you intend to mostly use the deck for so that you can decide the amount of space you are going to require. You should determine whether it is for parties, entertaining friends or a place to relax with a good book and so on. In addition, it is important that you choose the right shape and style when constructing your outdoor deck.

3. Create a path between each of the different functional areas within the deck.

It is important that you create a path between each of the different functional areas. The space should be enough so that your deck does not get congested whenever there are people around. You should ensure that you leave more room for someone to pass by.

4. Lighting

It is good to ensure that your deck is well lit so that people can enjoy quality time at night. Light up the dark places so that it can look bright even at night. This will help you a great deal.

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5. Entertainment.

You can have a music system in the deck for entertainment purposes. If you have a birthday party, this music system will entertain the people who attended the party. It is a place where you can have fun with your friends and relatives.

Those are some of the things you should consider when designing your outdoor deck. Follow the above mentioned ideas and you will enjoy the results.

Living Rooms

Rewrite written by: ContentKing101 You can say that your living room is the “public place” of your home. It’s the room in the house in which you will most likely hosts your guests, friends and/or family. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a living room that is mellow and relaxing, or something that is vibrant and bold, the important here is that you have a living room that is just as unique as your personality.

Wonders Of Paint of the easiest and cost efficient ways of injecting more personality to your living room is the application of new paint color. A paint is a flexible medium that can greatly help in projecting the mood that you want, and without breaking the bank while doing it. You can get inspiration from these paint ideas for your living room. Yes, it’s that easy to transform one of the most used rooms in the house.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great medium to use if you are aiming for something with a bold shade that is able to overwhelm the room. An accent Wall is also a great idea if you want to create a focal point for your living room. For the best effect, an accent wall is a great idea if you want to frame a collection of art or bring into perspective a great architecture feature.

With accent wall, you are not limited to using a single color. You can even use stripes as a means of melding several colors in the decorating palette.

Ceiling Contrast

Most people overlook the ceiling when they think of decorating. However, adding the right color can greatly enhance the color dynamic of the room. This is especially true if you choose a color that works well with the wall color.

You have the option of brightening the room by using bold colors, or you can have a subtle effect using muted shades. If your ceiling is low, you can make them appear higher by using lilac or blue color. It’s a great way of making the room bigger than it appears.

Floor Paint

Opening to the idea of painting your floors opens a new world of possibilities. You have a lot of options, like staining a concrete flooring or painting it. If you want that modern simplicity effect, then bright works very well. If you want something that is in-line with a more traditional look of the checkboard design, you can paint two contrasting colors in a checkboard pattern.

Concrete floors can be really sleek with the use of the ultra-shiny epoxy coating. You also have the option of staining the concrete to create a subtle finish that imitates the look of a quarried stone or marble. can push that envelope further by integrating texture paint treatments. You can use stripping or rag rolling. Marbling is also a great technique if you want more than one color. The Faux painting might take time to master, but the effects are worth the effort. Fortunately, you can use specialized rollers and brushes to get the effect faster and easier. Adding texture to your ceiling or wall is an easy way to instantly make your living room more luxurious; especially if the technique is applied on the accent wall, and making use of neutral pallet that comes with a fine degree of contrast between the different shapes as a means of keeping the treatment subtle.

Custom Mural

Creating a custom mural for your living room is perhaps one of the most adventurous ideas. You can choose to have a full-wall masterpiece or small accent. Full rainbow color or monochromatic colors, its all up to you. You can freely emulate works of art from your favorite artist or design something that is of your own. Feel free to hire a professional if a mural painting is not in your skillset. If you are concerned about the effect of the mural in relation to the resale value of your home, you can simply hang a large artwork instead.