Small Kitchen Island Ideas that Will Add to Your Space

A kitchen is the lifeline of a household. But it also is one of the most complicated part to design. The question that comes up frequently while designing a modern kitchen: There is enough storage space but isn’t the workspace too limited?


A kitchen island is the answer to this problem. A multi-functional component, a kitchen island adds to your kitchen’s functions irrespective of the space that you have. In fact, even a small idea can do wonders.

A kitchen island needs to offer following five advantages:


If you opt for small kitchen island ideas, go for an island which:

· Can create extra counter space to prepare food

· Can be used as an eating counter

· Can give additional storage like drawers and shelves

· Can help you fit in the gas burner or stove—the main kitchen appliance.

· Has a right size so that it doesn’t hamper the kitchen’s work flow


Ideas on using a small kitchen island:


Eating counter: A proper eating counter island needs to have an open shelving or an overhang on at least one side for a comfortable sitting or keeping a low-profile bar tool.
Small kitchen island aisles and clearances: How do you decide the size of the kitchen island once you have decided to for one to add value to your lovely kitchen?
Ideal places for islands: Some good places for kitchen islands are the center of the kitchen or an ‘L’-shaped open-floor kitchen plan. If there is no place to install a permanent island, you can also find one which can be shifted.


Some popular kitchen island ideas:

You don’t need to acquire a kitchen island either by buying or customizing. Small kitchen island ideas can, in fact, work better for you. Here are some ideas:

· Restaurant Grade Small Kitchen Island: Comprises a cheap commercial stainless work table of any size. One with a towel bar, open shelving and locking wheels or without them will do wonders.

· Butcher Block Kitchen Island: includes a butcher block and a couple of stools to create a snack counter.

· Rolling Kitchen Island: Just add good-quality wheels to the island that can be kept locked.

· Cabinet: Recycling an old cabinet which has many storage options as a kitchen island.

· Bar Height Dining Table: A tall dining table can serve as a suitable kitchen island. You can add hooks to the side for more storage.

· Drop Leaf Kitchen Island: A drop leaf can be handy in adding an extra counter space to the kitchen. Add the drop leaf at the end of a kitchen cabinet or wall. It can be popped up or drop down depending on the need.

· Repurposed Furniture Kitchen Island by using a sofa table of any size. Tables that are around 30-inch high will be suitable as a kitchen island option.

· Floating Island Ledge: You can fit a simple butcher block ledge in a space in the kitchen.

· Storable Kitchen Island: Can you find out an open spot which can be used for storage when the island is not in use? Or, you can leave one cabinet piece that can be used as an extra cabinet space.

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