Top 5 Bathroom Ideas You Can Never Go Wrong About

Tile is the most preferred material in the bathroom because it reflects light and it easy to clean as well as durable and freshens up your bathroom space. Using tiles to finish your bathroom is an excellent way to make it look polished, besides refurbishing it without major renovations. When you use tiles in your bathroom, it is important to clean it properly, since when it is not cleaned well, grout between the tiles will become grimy. Also, regular maintenance is imperative when it comes to preserving the aesthetic looks of the tile while avoiding making it grungy.

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The cost of tile is relatively higher than paint, so your budget will determine the quantity of material and complexity of the design. Under normal circumstances, choices range from maximum use; using on the floor and ceiling, to minimal; using it on the borders only. Each implementation can be done using different materials, such as multicolored mosaics or classic subway tiles.


When you are planning make changes to your bathroom, it is important to consider the resale value, because white is the popular color scheme in every room. A bathroom is a place where most of your guest are likely to see when they visit you. So, it is a place to make a statement. Think about your bathroom the way you use to think about your kitchen; you need it to be clean and timeless as well as make it attract more potential buyers.


You could let tiles make a daring statement as well as cover all the walls, or instead use it to make a pseudo-wainscoting and paint the top-half of your wall with the color you like. Here are 5 top bathroom tile ideas that you can try on your space.

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1. Wainscoting

This is a decorative wall covering idea, which extends partly to the wall. It is typically done in wood and spaces just like the dining room. Wainscoting also works in the bathroom to add character. If you are on a tight budget, and you want to include tile, try tiling the floor and paint the remaining part of the wall using gloss or semi gloss paint to make easy for you to clean. The advantage of using tile wainscoting is that you can use as a backsplash when you extend it higher above the sink.


2. Border tile

Border tiling is the best way of making a statement without investing a lot of money and time. It can be altered to suit the taste of the future buyers. All you need to do is to complement a strip of colored glass or mosaic tile along the top subway tile wainscoting, or you can let it stand on the painted wall for warming up the room. Border Tile enables you to add personal style to your space without spending more.


3. Flooring

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Tile flooring is the most common bathroom idea. It is the best alternative to hardwoods that can be damaged when exposed to a lot of water. If you choose to use ceramic tiles on your bathroom floor, it important that you go for grade 1 or 2 tiles with water absorption rating of not more than 7 percent, besides a constant of friction more than.60. These tiles are slip-resistant and cannot be damaged by water. Porosity is also important; you will want to have impervious tile for your bathroom because of water exposure. Bare feet vinyl is better than ceramic tile; also, it is easy to install, safe and easy to maintain.


4. Shower Tile
Use different tile in your shower to describe zones in the bathroom. Use a tile with an absorption rate of not more than 3%, lower than what is recommended for floors and one with good traction coefficient of friction more than.60.


5. All Over

All-over tiling is a perfect way of merging easy cleaning and durability with style in your space if budget is not a factor. However, you should vary the shape, pattern, color, texture and size of tiles by simply using different materials on walls, floors of the bathroom. Therefore, using all over tile is the best way of making a small space look brighter since the tiles reflect light.

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