What to Consider When Installing a Pool for Your Family


Deciding on installing a pool in your home compound is a decision that requires careful consideration. There are several factors that require a consensus in order to make this decision flourish. Selection of materials, size, and shape should be geared towards meeting all the family members’ needs.

A pool will be a source of entertainment and fun for you and your family while in your compound. Also, it will be an effective place to deal with stress, tensions, and other pressures of the day. Thus, there are a couple of things which you should include in this process. Your point of consideration should be purposely centered on the following aspects:

a) The Function of the Pool

The intended function of the pool may dictate the choice of shape that you and your family settle on. If you like considering swimming for your physical fitness, a rectangular shaped pool may be fantastic for this.

For a hot-tub installation, you can opt for L-shaped pool for the family. Where you have young kids, 8 or kidney shaped pool is suitable. This can be a simple way to divide between deep and shallow locations in the pool for different family users.

b) The Choice of Materials

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Materials for bottom lining and also the sides may depend on family preference or the money available. Fiberglass provides a smooth and durable bottom lining. However, it is more expensive in its initial installation cost.

Concrete provides a variety of shapes and sizes. This is essential where you have young kids and want to suit the pool for everyone. However, consistent maintenance, repair, and future replacement may be required where you choose concrete. Vinyl flooring comes with the cheapest initial cost. Its maintenance and replacement requirements, however, are numerous.

c) Check the Pool Deck Options

What you consider to lie on your way to or around the pool has effect on outlook and also safety. Concrete can be safe and easy to install. However, it requires replacement and consistent repair. Paving stones provides safety while walking since they are slip resistant.

They are also natural and synthetic as well as in different colors and textures. You can also consider tiling. Tiling will give you a durable and a weather resistant pool deck solution.

d) Other Key Pool Features

Where you choose to include other features, be sure to consult the family. This will not only let you know about the benefits of other features, but it will also enlighten you on their cost and impact. For instance, a slide may be protective to young kids but it may add expenses on the initial cost.

Also, a hot-tub may have healthy benefits for all the members of the family after daily involvements. However, it comes with extra costs and also increased energy bills.

e) Consider Landscaping

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Effective landscaping will make your pool look gorgeous as well as improve on the privacy aspect. You may choose plants to create a boundary all around. This will help you to improve the outlook and the privacy of the pool.

Also, plants and their roots will control run-off, overflow, and also soil erosion which may damage your pool. However, be sure to check the root structure to prevent pool bottom line destruction. At the same time, choose plants favorable for the climate of the area.


A suitable family pool takes into account all the requirements and entertainment needs of all family members prior to its installation. Thus, before proceeding to commence with this important process, seek family choices and options on shape, structure, size, and other features. This will help you to come up with the right pool for your family.

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